Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How do I get started?

My advice is to read the script first.  After you read the script, you will be able to understand what is happening in the story and the blocking pages will make sense.

2.  What if a child is shy and will not speak in front of an audience?

There are a variety of roles in each play.  Some roles allow the children to speak alone, and with others, they are speaking in a group.  Many children who will not speak alone, are willing to speak in a group.  Give them a role that suits their personality.

3.  What if more than one child wants to play the same role?

There is more than one way to handle this issue.  You can either give the role to the child who has the more consistent listening skills, and will be more in focus during the rehearsal process. Or you can have both children read for the role in a sort of ‘audition’ to see which one better fits the role.  Let them know that it’s a matter of whose personality ‘fits’ one role or the other.  If they are both very good, give one that role and offer the other an equally strong part.

4.  What do you suggest for props and backdrops? 

I suggest that the children create their own simple props from recycled materials and backdrops from rolls of paper (I prefer the 4 feet wide paper in a roll).  Kids love to paint and create, and this is a very fun and inexpensive way to give the kids a culmination of art forms AND the opportunity to own their own show.  For the backdrops, cut the sheets approximately 8 feet long and put them together to draw your backdrop picture or scene. Assign the children colors of paint to fill into the design. Voilá!  You have a backdrop!

5.  What about music to choose for the dances?

You can go with my song suggestions, choose the songs yourself, or let the children choose a song.  But make sure….if the children choose the song, be VERY sensitive to lyrics.  It’s always better to go on the conservative side then to push the envelope when it comes to lyrics.


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